Sinnvoll optimieren


In a global world that is steadily becoming more complex, we focus on making our solutions not only more cost-effective, competitive and efficient but also more simple, straightforward and practical. Our philosophy is one of smart optimisation by sticking to the essentials, and it’s for this reason that we’re constantly developing ourselves as a company and making improvements wherever it’s sensible and beneficial to do so. This tried-and-tested fundamental attitude has guided our entire organisation for decades.


Act for
one another

At HUECK, we believe that commercial activity must be shaped by moral integrity – and, indeed, that this should be the primary goal and take priority over the maximisation of profits. We attach great importance to the values of responsibility and solidarity. We practise fairness in our dealings with staff, partners, customers, suppliers, service providers and competitors. We are firm believers in respectful business relationships and collaboration as equal partners. As a company, we assume responsibility for the impact of our activities.



At HUECK, every aspect of the company has been underpinned by sustainable and long-term motives for over 200 years. This means that we make conscious decisions regarding everything from solid company development to the cultivation of close, lasting relationships with customers and partners – and the long-term hiring of staff. As a member of A|U|F, we attach great importance to the resource-efficient and sustainable use of aluminium. We also take a long-term approach to our ingenious product concepts, which can be combined with one another perfectly, retrofitted easily, and dismantled in a straightforward manner. Moreover, our HUECK Trigon FS modular system and our HUECK Lambda WS/DS 075 construction kit are Cradle to Cradle silver-certified. With this in mind, we also recognise that we have a responsibility towards the environment in which we operate, and we want to preserve it for future generations.